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River Country Grazing Network Upcoming Events

Planning meeting coming soon - date, time & location to be determined yet.

Thank you to our wonderful 2014 summer hosts and to everyone who attended. See you next summer!

*Sincerest thanks to the hosting producers, River Country Grazing Network members and Wisconsin Farmers Union!*


It’s your network, your voice; let it be heard!

2014 West Central WI Spring Grazing Conference

Thanks to our Speakers

Brad Heins
Assistant Professor of Organic Dairy Management, West Central Research Center University of MN in Morris, Minnesota

Doug Gunnink
Founder of the Gunnink Forage Institute, Forage Expert and "Whole Farm Management" Consultant

Thanks to our Farmer Panel

Kay Craig - Grassway Organics, LLC

Lynn P. Johnson - Peterson Farmstead Farm

Bob Keil - RavenCroft Farm

Dan Pearson - Pure Sun Farm

Thanks to our Sponsors and Supporters!

2013 West Central WI Fall Grazing Conference

Thanks to our Speakers

Geoff Brink

Andy Hager

Thanks to our Farmer Panel

Brian O'Connell & Rich O'Connell

Mariann Holm

Jason Smith

Jerry Wagner

Video of past grazing events:

How To Move 90 Dairy Cows in Four Minutes!

Self Propelled Harvesting Units

Dairy Cows on Grass In October, 50 + Days Rest Period - October 8th, 2009 - An example of what can be accomplished after 15 years of praticing Management intensive Grazing (MiG) & focusing on the 3 legs of the stool; 1) Time On a paddock (Occupancy Period), 2) Time Off a paddock (Rest Period) & 3) Soil Fertility.


Last updated: Oct 11, 2014